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July 3, 2020. If you have registered for ACL2020, please wait till end of July 3rd for your welcome email which will contain your username and password to access the virtual site. Only then you can access the virtual website by following the login instructions.

June 19, 2020. Checkout the new blogpost by tutorial chairs on the organization and infrastructure of ACL2020 tutorials.

June 16, 2020. Checkout the new blogpost on call for live microblogging volunteer. If you are an author, and you would rather not have your paper live microblogged, please see the post for details.

June 8, 2020. The call for volunteer deadline has been extended to June 12!

June 5, 2020. Checkout the new blog post on ACL2020 conference statistics!

May 29, 2020. The virtual ACL 2020 is an opportunity to connect participants across the world. The ACL 2020 Diversity & Inclusion committee is soliciting applications with the goal of supporting prospective conference attendees who are facing financial difficulties and would like to participate in ACL 2020. Through this effort, we hope to broaden participation of researchers, especially researchers who are underrepresented in our community. Please fill out this form by June 7. Decisions will be sent out by June 19th, in advance of the early registration deadline. We thank the ACL 2020 sponsors, particularly the Diversity & Inclusion sponsors, for their support. If you have any questions, please email

May 29, 2020. Check out the latest blog post to know more about the virtual infrastructure for ACL2020!

May 26, 2020. ACL2020 Virtual Conference registration is now open.

May 26, 2020. The ACL2020 team is seeking for a large number of student and non-student volunteers to help out before and during the conference. If you are interested, please answer this call for volunteers.

May 22, 2020. List of papers accepted to Student Research Workshop can be found here.

May 21, 2020. List of system demonstrations accepted to the conference can be found here.

May 17, 2020. List of papers accepted to the main conference can be found here.

April 4.
Dear ACL2020 Community,

We hope you and your families are safe and well.
We can now confirm that in response to COVID-19 we will be holding ACL2020 online, on the same July 5-10 dates.
We know that many in our community are suffering or may suffer great hardships from this pandemic. We hope that we can work together in this difficult time to build a new kind of ACL meeting this year, one that offers more sustainability, expanded opportunities for exchange of knowledge, and increased inclusion of diverse contributions from around the globe.
We will have pre-recorded talks and the full set of tutorials and workshops, and will be planning various live events like Q&A sessions, mentoring, job fairs, and spaces for hallway conversations. This will be challenging but also an opportunity for coming together virtually, and I’m looking forward to working with the entire ACL2020 organizing committee to host an enlightening and meaningful conference.
In the near term we are getting advice from other online conference chairs (who have already been enormously helpful), and we will be drawing on all the lessons from our online teaching now and in the past. I’ve been impressed by the resilience, passion, and positive spirit of everyone I see in all our newly online classes and meetings, and the matching spirit of the whole ACL community. I am grateful to be able to work with you all to make ACL2020 happen for all of us!
We’ll be posting more details on registration in the next few weeks and more on the mechanics of the virtual conference soon.

With warmest wishes for everyone’s health,
Dan Jurafsky, General Chair, for the whole ACL2020 Organizing Committee

April 12, 2020. Authors of accepted papers can find the instructions for camera-ready here.

March 12, 2020.
ACL2020 Community,
We wanted to let everyone know our plans with regard to COVID-19. While we are looking into all possible options (including an all-virtual conference) we think by far the most likely scenario for ACL2020 is that we will have our regular live conference in July as usual. We do expect somewhat smaller attendance, and plan to offer increased availability of remote presentations to accommodate the members of our community whose ability to travel or get visas is impacted. We’ll also be planning for ways to keep everyone healthy at the conference itself. Meanwhile we’ll be tracking the situation carefully, and will keep you in the loop as we know more. Stay healthy everyone!
Dan Jurafsky, General Chair, for the whole ACL2020 team

Feb 12, 2020. The author response period has now begun (Feb 12-17). Please checkout the ordinary review form and Theme review form used by the reviewers.

Feb 04, 2020. New blog post describing the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

Jan 23, 2020. Checkout out the new PC blog post on Start of Review Process.

Jan 16, 2020. Paper review period is from Jan 17 to Feb 7. Reviewers can find useful instructions here.

Dec 15, 2019. New blog post by PC chairs answering some FAQs on Global Profile.

Dec 12, 2019. List of accepted tutorials can be found here.

Dec 10, 2019. In the next two days we will be in touch with authors if there is any problem with their forms or profiles. There will be time to make any needed modifications. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Dec 4, 2019. Checkout the new blog post on remote presentation policy at ACL this year!

Dec 3, 2019. It is only six days to the paper deadline! Checkout the new PC blog post addressing some last minute questions about the Global Profile and Author/Reviewer form!

Nov 21, 2019. List of accepted workshops is now available!

Nov 16, 2019. List of Senior Area Chairs is now available!

Nov 13, 2019. A new blog post on conflict of interest and reviewer matching by Amanda Stent and Graham Neubig.

Nov 5, 2019. The blog post on arXiv and double submissions by PC chairs has been updated with answers to some more FAQs.

Nov 3, 2019. A new sign-up process for authors and reviewers has been introduced at ACL2020. The latest blog post by PC chairs provides detailed instructions on how to sign up.

Nov 3, 2019. The second call for papers is out!

Oct 23, 2019. Checkout the new blog post on arXiv and double submissions by the PC chairs.