Blog Post by Remote Presentation Chairs

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As with previous conferences, ACL 2020 will allow for remote paper presentations (both oral and poster) in circumstances where none of the authors can attend the conference due to:

  • failure to be awarded a visa (either denied or delayed despite good faith efforts to apply on time) or government travel restrictions that legally prevent attendance,
  • illness or other reasons that physically prevent attendance,
  • other extenuating urgent/personal circumstances

If any such extenuating circumstance arises, email the remote presentation chairs. Note that the number of remote presentations is limited due to logistics. If there are more requests than slots, priority will be given to visa or medical factors beyond the authors’ control.

As stated in the call for papers, remote presenters will still need to register as usual for the main conference, regardless of presentation format.

To keep things running smoothly, we will ask remote presenters to pre-record their talks and use the live remote link only for the question session.

Hao Fang and Yi Luan, Remote Presentation Chairs